hole 5 largeHole 5, 133 yard Par 3

On the face of it, for the scratch golfer an easy par 3 hole; but care is required with the strong prevailing wind that blows left to right - it is easy to come up short and be blown into the bunker protecting the right hand side of the green. This hole can be a ‘little monster' to the longer handicap golfer, with the gorse bushes just in front of the tee.


Hole 14, 187 yards, Par 3

A deceiving tee shot as the green is well below the golfer with a large bunker on the right protecting two thirds of the green. When the pin is cut into the right hand half it is hidden by a copse of trees and a left to right flight is required to get close. However as the prevailing wind is also left to right there is a danger of the ball being blown away from the green in to the rough, leaving a tricky shot to an elevated green. If the fade shot becomes a pull then there is another very deep bunker on the left hand side of the green. For the long handicap player the gorse must be carried at least, as there is no ‘bail out' area on this one.