hole 7 large

Hole 7, 164 yards, Par 3

This hole has more ‘fours' scored on it then any other of the par threes. The pond well to the left has proved a challenge for the long handicap golfer and perhaps it may look too easy for the scratch golfer. What you see is what you get, however wind changes can affect ‘clubbing' dramatically. Play for the heart of the green and make a par.


Hole 16, 188 yards, Par 3

A much longer hole second time round and with the tee also positioned further to the right it brings into play the pond and the out-of-bounds on the left of the green. With the prevailing wind coming from left to right, the golfer with a tendency to hook the ball could be in trouble. All the hazards can be seen from the tee and this hole does play on the mind, in particular for the long handicapper.