Cannington Driving Range

Users are required to dip their ball basket in the bucket of disinfectant and leave it at the range. Golf balls can be purchased at the golf shop or at the ball dispenser.

Driving Range Pricelist

 Basket of 30 balls £3 

Basket of 60 balls £4

Driving Range Membership Card

With the recent addition of our new ball dispenser, we now offer a driving range membership that provides excellent value for money for regular range users. Upon joining, range members are issued with a reusable RFID card that can be topped up with a variety of pre-paid basket options.


25 drops of 30 balls - £40 (including RFID card) = £1.60 for 30 balls

50 drops of 30 balls - £70 (including RFID card) = £1.40 for 30 balls

100 drops of 30 balls - £120 (including RFID card) = £1.20 for 30 balls

Once joined, members cards can be topped up with 10 drops of 30 balls for £16 = £1.60 for 30 balls

Ball machine accepts coins or you can pay by card at the golf shop (opening times differ to driving range)

For more details and to book call 01278 655050 or email

Situated alongside the 9th hole, the undercover floodlit driving range is the ideal way to warm up before a game, or to practice your skills. The range is 300 yards long allowing the use of a driver, so you can practice the complete game from tee to green.

Constructed in 1999, the Driving Range consists of ten bays and is 300 yards long, enabling the use of a driver and a two piece golf ball.